People out there from the land of Andhra or from the Godavari, listen up ! If you are missing your native cuisine way too much, we are gonna suggest you a place that would take you back to your hometown. And for people who want to try out a different cuisine and have traditional Andhra food, well, we got you a place where you can taste them in the city itself! Hyderabad brings to you the flavors of Godavari via Kitchens of Godavari.

Do you like it hot, do you like it spicy? We are speaking about food ? If yes, we recommend you to try this place. This is a cute little place in Hitec-City. It is sure to steal your heart with their food, because the way to a heart is through the Stomach !
The look and feel of this place is simple and elegant. They offer you the evergreen Panakam (drink made with jaggery and pepper) at arrival.
Andhra cuisine is absolutely yummylicious and these guys offer a good variety of pickles/curries and rice items such as Kodi Kuda, Chapala Thalimpu and Guthi Vankaya Pulao. After that scrumptious meal, unlike the paan that you get in most of the restaurants, they place a plate of thamalapaku(beetel leaf) along with chuna and beetel nuts (did it ring a bell on how our grandmothers used to make it ?!)
Folks from Andhra, go back to your roots with these flavors and the rest of you, experience the timeless dishes.

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Image Source: Zomato

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