If you are following me on Social Media, you would have already known that I was on a trip to Thailand a week ago with friends. Well, I thought as soon as am back from vacation, I would actually start working on my Thailand posts and my travel diaries as usual. But then somehow all of a sudden today, I felt like sharing my thoughts on travelling with my #popcornboxfamily ! Why all of a sudden, today? Maybe because I have heard too many people asking questions on how do I find time and money to travel and also to break some prejudice surrounding it.

Travelling for me is liberation. Setting myself free from all that ties me up to this mechanical life and artificial people. It isn’t just because I have to take a vacation every 6 months or because it’s just so fancy to showcase that you are allover and having a time of my life. This quest for travel is not something that I developed recently nor it is for the blog posts or social media attention. NO! It’s something I think I inherit from my dad as he loves to travel and see new places and I have very fond memories of going around India with family and friends. I fancy those reminiscence, those little tales you have to tell the world about a place 🙂

As cliched as it may sound, but I love to meet new people, learn about their experiences, know about their cultures, see all that hidden beauty in the world which is just lying on the other side of our mundane jobs. You would never be the same person after you actually start travelling and be back from a trip. As they say “Once you see the moon shining on the other side of the world, life wouldn’t be the same.” You know whenever or where ever I travel to, it just makes me think that we occupy such insignificant part in this vast universe yet make this small place, our world and live in a cocoon unaware of the beauty that lies outside the box. I want to witness that beauty and leave a piece of my heart wherever I go to 🙂 I strongly believe that each one of us should make efforts to see a new place they haven’t been to atleast once a year. Hence, I really work my a** off to save for these trips. Am no rich kid to splurge on vacations and hence I forgo a lot to make these trips happen. *Literally, a lot* Proper planning and saving is how am able to manage and afford my holidays. SIMPLE !! *not really* 

After such a long story, shall we swiftly move to the lookbook 😀 This one was my easy-breezy travel look from my recent Bangkok trip. Whenever I travel, I would like to keep it really simple and airy and most importantly comfortable ! Please ignore my footwear in this look  * I know, I know it absolutely doesn’t sync up with the attire* as I had blisters on my feet and I couldn’t wear the shoes I carried along 🙁 Hence, I had to stick to my flip-flops *comfort comes first you see* . Scroll down for the travel look and I hope you guys like this blog post which is close to my heart as I bore my thoughts 🙂


Outfit, Bag, Earrings: Bangkok
Choker: Forever 21
Sunglasses, Watch: Fastrack
Flipflops, Bangles: Hyderabad street shopping

What is travelling for you? What is your fondest memory while travelling?? Share with me in the comments box below as I would love to hear your stories 🙂 You can connect with me also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. See you soon with another post from my travel diaries. Tata :*

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