Be it the prints or the silhouettes, these brands will set you apart. Looking comfortable and stylish is now easy peesy 😀 Some famous for quirky prints, some for their patterns of construction, these picks will make all the heads turn!

Here, we are giving you a brief of their inspiration, style and designs, do check their “About” tabs to know more. It’s absolutely fascinating!

The Quirk Box:

Any day, every day, The Quirk Box is always on top of our list! Embracing the word “Quirky”, their garments are super FUN. Grateful we are, because they also have crazy awesome accessories to offer. We are sure you must’ve noticed their accessories used in almost all of our looks (Here, Here )


Recycled, sustainable, high street fashion! Got your attention? Not yet? Check their designs, that’s sure to keep you glued! They use the simplest silhouettes, but the designs and the super subtle colors are so refreshing and eye catchy that you would want to buy them all!


Olio means a miscellaneous collection of things. They express the meaning of the word through their fun designs. Their dresses are sure to bring smiles on your faces. Their garments have a character to them, and again, are made in comfortable patterns.


Mati meaning Soil, designer keeps her garments Organic and maintains the earthy colors in all of her designs. We feel like these garments have a soul to them, embracing the goodness of Earth!

The Plavate:

Plavate´ means ‘flow’ in Sanskrit. They believe in being a part of the flow of nature, hence they have embraced sustainable fashion. Their collection “Dance with the wind” is monochromatic and absolutely charming.

Some websites that encourage such brands and sell them are mentioned below: