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  • Alt retro look

    Samantha Akkineni Shows How To Ace The Retro!

    Samantha Akkineni, the fashion diva of South, gives her 100 percent be it in movies or when she is playing dress up. We know nobody who could ace the retro look off-screen like this lady does! No, she doesn’t overdo anything, not the makeup, not the hairstyle. She does retro in the most fashionable way …

  • Alt mahanati

    Dapper Boys At The “Mahanati” Audio Launch!

    Ok, We are admitting that we have a special place for guys in Formal wear and suits, and we were swooning over these boys who were dressed in a clean cut style! The much awaited “Mahanati” audio launch event, saw the leading ladies in gorgeous outfits but what we couldn’t take our eyes off, were …

  • Alt the classy miss

    Obsessing Over Orange ft. The Classy Miss

    I am always somebody who would prefer solid color outfits be it in everyday wear or for choosing clothes for events/functions. I feel you could dress them up or down based on where you are going. Talking of functions, am not a person who would choose bling or shimmer but would rather build my outfit …

  • Alt my popcorn box

    Sun Shines In The Dark!

    Blacks, not just mine, a favorite and staple color for many, was the color I chose to come back in 🙂 It’s been a while….!! The highs and lows, the ups and downs, the darkness and the brightness, defines a person! There needs to be a certain amount of darkness for the stars to shine… …